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Discover What Copywriting Is and Why It Matters for Your Business

Updated: Jun 10

Many people think copywriting is about making something sound good, but it's not. While copywriting is the act of writing copy for a business, freelance copywriters are actually in charge of giving a customer what they want in the most concise and persuasive way possible.

They've got to be able to put together an engaging story, create a believable character, and persuade someone who might be on the fence - while still being true to their brand voice and staying within your word count limit. It can be done in many contexts, from writing ad copy, blog posts, and website copy to social media content.

And if that sounds like too much work for you, that's okay. It's why I'm here to help you understand copywriting and why you should care as a business owner or entrepreneur if you want your business to stand out.

Let's get started:

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of marketing what you offer to a specific audience. It starts by choosing what content will most interest your target client or customer and then making it as easy as possible for them to take action (such as make a purchase). Copywriting can be used in all sorts of places: from emails to websites, from advertisements to social media posts.

While copywriting is often used in marketing what you offer, it can be applied for any purpose that involves communicating what you have or what your company does by writing about the advantages and benefits of what you are selling/offering. Freelance copywriters need not just be marketers - they can work in other industries as well - anything where a message needs to get out.

  • Copywriting is what will make people interested enough in what you have to offer them on social media, websites, and blogs

  • It can introduce new products into the world of marketing, so it's always important for up and coming businesses

  • Starting a blog? You'll need a freelance copywriter good at SEO if you want to boost traffic

Why Should You Care About Copywriting?

  • Copywriting is what will make or break your business

  • You could have the best product in the world, but if it's not communicated well to potential customers, no one will buy what you're selling

  • There's lots of competition out there, so unless you invest in quality content marketing, then don't expect much sales movement

So what does that mean? It means investing in creating high converting web pages, ad copy, social media content, product descriptions, email newsletter, and other business copy with specific keywords targeted at your audience as well as competitive research on other companies who offer similar products so they can also rank better on search engines.

You need to identify what makes them special and what makes you different. It also means investing in high-quality images and creative design to create a visually pleasing website that will attract customers. Good copy is what separates your average business from an extraordinary one, so it's worth the investment if you want to be successful with online marketing.

Remember that copywriting isn't only about creating what people need for their sales, but also branding what they associate with the company - this can include slogans, taglines, communications styles (tone), social media posts, commercials/advertising campaigns, etc.

The Importance of Quality, Well-written Content

Content is what drives e-commerce. More specifically, well-written content is what drives people to return again and again to your website or social media posts. That means if you're not investing time into creating quality copy for all of your marketing platforms, your business will suffer in the long run. You don't want to be relying on ads to get customers in the door.

Quality copywriting is what allows you to stand out from the crowd and what makes your website worth visiting over and over again. This is where a professional freelance copywriter comes in. A reliable copywriter will take your website, social media posts, and marketing materials and create compelling text that reads well on both screens (desktop or mobile) but also compels the reader to want what's being offered.

In other words, a good copywriter is just what you need if you want people to keep coming back for more of what you have to offer. With a dependable freelance copywriter for your business, you can create content that will entice customers to buy what you're selling. Quality copywriting is what builds a loyal customer base and drives your business forward.

How To Find a Good Writer for Your Business/Project

Now that you know the importance of quality content, how do you find that perfect writer? The best copywriters have experience in your niche or industry, a portfolio of successful projects, and are also good at what they do because they have education or established credentials.

To find a good writer for your business, first, determine your criteria for a good freelance copywriter:

  • Does the content need to be created specifically for SEO purposes, or should it just contain natural keywords in order to rank well on Google's search engine results page (SERP)? If the latter is what you're looking for, then maybe hiring a freelance writer would be a better choice for you. Freelance writers can work on your website copy, content marketing pieces, and whatnot without much technical knowledge of SEO or coding required.

  • But what if you need to have more in-depth knowledge about what keywords are best used? The answer is hiring an experienced SEO freelance copywriter. In order to rank well on Google, an SEO content writer needs to know what they're doing and what keywords will best help you meet your goals for organic search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Next, up is what kind of copy are you looking for? Do you need someone who can handle both online and offline marketing materials or just one? If you need someone who can handle both, then what type of content do they have to be able to create: blog posts or sales copy?

  • What about SEO analysis and research; will the writer also be doing that for your marketing team as well? If so, what are their qualifications for being an SEO analyst/research specialist?

  • And what about the style? Are you looking for someone who might be able to do a more conversational tone, or should it be strictly professional and formal in order to meet your company's branding guidelines?

  • Lastly, what are some of your budget needs? Is this something that will need to happen monthly or just occasionally when needed? The answer to this question will help you determine what type of writer to hire for your one-time or ongoing copywriting projects.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Freelance Copywriter

Hiring a professional freelance copywriter can help you increase your website conversions and improve the quality of what you're writing. How does a copywriter work? A freelance copywriter will look at what's already on a company’s site, then provide suggestions to make it more effective. Some things to consider: improving headlines for increased web traffic, increasing conversion rates for e-commerce sites, and creating more targeted content for lead generation.

The benefits of hiring a professional freelance copywriter are that they can provide advice and suggestions to make what you're writing more effective, whether it's on your website or in the form of email campaigns. Hiring a freelancer also means there will be an expert available on-demand, which can be an ideal solution if you're looking for someone to help with a specific project.

Copywriting services are also affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes in various industries, so hiring one doesn't need to break your budget. Additionally, copywriters also offer different payment options, depending on what you need. They often charge a fixed rate per project or page, per hour, per word, or even a monthly retainer.

Why You Might Need To Hire a Professional Copywriter

As a business owner, you might need the services of a freelance copywriter for various reasons:

  • to create new website content

  • to write product descriptions and category content

  • to assist in your website's SEO

  • to create compelling marketing emails

  • to create blog posts

  • to write an advertisement for your product or service

  • to edit what you've written in the past

  • to write what you can't

  • to make your written content more compelling

The truth is, in today's business landscape, creating copy for marketing purposes and other communications requires a specialized skill set. You might be comfortable with what you've been able to do on your own so far - but if you're not getting the results that you want or need, or what you've been doing isn't working, you need the help of an experienced and skilled freelance copywriter to create compelling content that entices customers to purchase from you, rather than just browsing around your site.

How Do I Know if My Business Needs a Professional Writer

A good way to know if your business needs a professional copywriter or not is by asking yourself these simple questions?

• Does your content currently have a consistently branded voice? A professional copywriter can help you create and maintain a consistent brand tone.

• Are you spending too much of your own time crafting copy? If you’re using up too much energy trying to generate unique, engaging copy for every platform, then it may be time to seek professional help.

• Is the quality of your content not meeting your expectations? A professional copywriter has the skills and experience to produce high-quality content that resonates with audiences.

• Do you find it difficult to come up with new ideas or fresh concepts? Professional copywriters are experienced in developing ideas that capture attention and draw in readers or customers.

• Are you seeing low levels of engagement on your website or blog? A professional copywriter can create content that is optimized for SEO value and designed to engage readers while also converting them into customers.

Copywriters are creative professionals who can write optimized website content, e-commerce copy, blog posts, guest posts, email copy, and more.

How I can Help Your Business

If you're looking for a Web copywriter or e-commerce content writer, I can help you. I know what it's like to feel frustrated with the lack of qualified writers in your industry. You need someone who knows what they're talking about and how to put a sentence together that doesn't sound completely terrible. If you think I might be able to help improve your website or improve your company's e-commerce copy, then please get in touch.

I'm a professional writer with experience writing for content marketing and business of all sizes. I know what it takes to write compelling website copy that converts browsers into buyers. I specialize in copywriting for e-commerce websites and offer the following services:

  • Website content - home page, about us, etc

  • Product descriptions and category page content

  • Blogging for e-commerce websites

  • Clear Call to Actions (CTA's) and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) on your website that will make people want to buy what you're selling

Want to discuss your project? Get in touch.

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